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Significado de "Goofy"

Acredito que significa alguém que é "lesado"?

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Goofy = pateta; (Desenhos animados) (lobo) pateta

Goofy = (definition) crazy or silly
(Source: Merriam Webster's Learner's Dictionary)
There is also the concept of "emotional dumbbell" which is presented on the book The Dance of Anger (by Harriet Lerner).
An "emotional dumbbell" would be um "idiota emotional" someone whom the wife does the worry for him, or vice versa, but her book is about women.
He gets so used to the wife doing the worrying, solving his problems and getting involved in his emotional issues that 'he don´t need' to, and then gets in a comfort zone of sorts. Not a good thing to do! One has to be responsible for his life, emotions and goals. Someone who others do 'think' for him (and end up deciding for him)/her).

Dumbbell - pateta, idiota (wordreference) certainly not necessarily pejorative, but more on the 'slow' to feel, perceive things.